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Well, that's easier said than done, Dan. -Of course it is. But real men don't take no for an answer. === You love me like a father, don't you? -Yes, I do. You're also underestimating me like a father. === My priorities are the well-being of our people and the infrastructure of our community. Schools, community centers, access to legal aid. -And the people themselves? Have you heard of "refeeding syndrome"? It's when a starved body can't process an excess of new food. The body shuts down dies, even. For centuries, our people have been starved of prosperity and opportunity. You can't just open up a buffet and expect a starving person to make smart choices. You have to feed the starved body a little at a time so that it can get well again. -So, you are saving misguided Indians from themselves. You sound like the U.S. government. === He deserves more than that, of course, but he sure as hell doesn't deserve less. Not from you. Not from anyone.