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Did Vincent often take your ten-year-old with him when he'd go drinking? -He said leaving her in the car was safer than leaving her with me because I was an unfit mother. === In Cheyenne culture, the most prized dowry a groom can offer his new bride's father is a rifle. There's a reason for this tradition. Do you know what it is? - No, clearly. The idea is that you never arm your enemy. You're making a deep and, dare I say, courageous commitment to this tribe. The rifle is a symbol of my trust. === Speaking of perplexity, do you actually know how a woman gets pregnant? -Well, um I think I may have read about that somewhere. So, why would you think that I was, you know… -What do you mean? Didn't we, um? You don't remember? -I got hit in the head. So did we? Well I guess every great romance deserves a little mystery. === Uh, your cholesterol's a little high. Here's a statin. - I'll eat more oatmeal. Of course you will.