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You and I both know that Jim was a junkie. - So he deserved it? No. But if we blame Jim's death on this dealer, why not blame his last one? Or the guy who fired him from Burger King when he was 22? === I'm not guilty. -Dad, me representing you confirms everything they're accusing you of. Cronyism, corruption, ignoring the rules. === You know like they say, if a bear shits in the woods and nobody saw you shoot it, did it really die? === The medicine will give you strength, but you also need to find your own. === What's with the flags? -Oh, they're called fladry. Contrary to popular belief, wolves are naturally shy. Anything new scares them. I'm trying to educate the ranchers into putting these flags up and their guns away. === Was the company at fault? -Well, she signed a waiver. She knew what she was doing. === The children look at their lives and see no future. No one stepping up. Nothing ever changing! How am I supposed to protect them?!