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Didn't you say you wanted to be there? You wanted to fight? -I did. I do. -Well, a key part of fighting is showing up, you know, for the actual fight. === What the hell happened? -I got, uh And if you say you got shot, I am gonna punch you. -Beyond that, I don't know. I'm happy to hear that the phone company has a better chance of finding my prisoner than the sheriff. === A 13-year-old girl caught shoplifting in a mall would be too dangerous for Deputy Ferguson to deal with. === You know, nobody would blame you if you made a deal to save your life. === So, you're encouraging students to work at a casino rather than go to college. -College isn't an option for most of these kids. So, uh, why not give them the option of getting up close and personal with the heroin trade and organized crime? === I'm so proud of you. -Proud? I failed. No, you survived. There could have been a very different ending to what happened out there on that road, but here you are.