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My life is not my own anymore. I have too many puppet masters pulling my strings. === Are we done here? - I do believe we are. Although, I do have just one more question. You're kidding me. You're you're pulling a Columbo? === You know, the first time J.P. beat me, he called the police. Yeah, that's right. He called the tribal police to report himself, just to rub it in my face that there's nothing they could do about it. He's white. === And trust me I got a lot on my plate, and feeling guilty when you show up dead is not something that I want to add. === This civil suit is not about whether or not I did the right thing. It's about negotiating lies. I don't know how to play that game. === These people did not elect me to protect myself, Dave. I'm here to protect them. Right now, heroin is pouring into my county, a murderer is on the loose, and a mob boss thinks he can move in. I have work to do.