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What makes you think I won't kill you in the middle of the night, Sheriff Longmire? -Others have tried. Look me up. You'll find I have quite a reputation. === The promise of easy money was just the kind of thing he'd get excited about. === What part of Colorado? Pagosa Springs. -Oh, it's the Paris of the Southwest. === "To the Absarokas past hill and hollow." That. That's wrong. That doesn't scan. Every other line in the poem has 10 syllables. That's got 11. - I know. That's just because Anson Hamilton is a hack poet. No. No, that's not it. You're pronouncing one of the words wrong. This county we call it Absaroka. Northwest of here is a whole mountain range spelled the same, pronounced differently "Absorka." === Once upon a time, my dad and I used to tell each other things. === I was trying to protect her from that deadbeat, opportunistic husband. -We can't protect our children from their mistakes. We have to let them face the consequences.