Mar 30, 2019
I have watched this 3 episode series several times. Because it is very well done! Neil Oliver provides genuine leadership when he asks the right questions to give the best overview of who the Vikings were, where they came from, a basic breakdown of the diversity of the Norse people. Both of my parents families came from Norway, and therefore make it most likely that I am descended from those Norse people that went "a vee-king" as it is actually pronounced in Norway. Or, another way to put it, they went "pirating." And NO, they did NOT have horns on their helmets. A very stupid characterization and a negative representation of a formidable people that made such an impact on the world, their presence and impact still exists around the world. Starting with the very name of Russia came from the norse language referring to rowers or rowing. Previous comments here that dump negative comments about this documentary are based in profound ignorance and incompetence!