Oct 05, 2017LauraSteinert rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
In the first four seasons, Longmire was very well done, subtle acting, solid story lines and most things were resolved. This season picks up after Longmire was shot. His daughter finds him, but his girlfriend is missing. Before recovering from being shot, Longmire cowboys up and tracks down the bad guys. rather than Robert Taylor's usual superb acting, Longmire just sighs A LOT. Even after he heals and passes his physical (yes he actually went to a doctor) with flying colors, he still just sighs. If he isn't dying, and if he isn't going to retire, why all the exaggerated sighs? I thought there would be something to explain it. Moving to Netflix hasn't change everything, however. Still lots of intrigue, Cady and Vic still making Walt's life hard, and the casino is still a hotbed of sin, mayhem, and dirty dealing.