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firefly5 made a comment May 03 2021
"This story had my interest immediately. I found it hard to put down and also hard to read about the cruelty and pain suffered by people at the hands of their "owners". I found my self talking to to Pheby, especially when she was sneakin..." Permalink
firefly5 rated a title May 03 2021
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firefly5 made a comment Apr 28 2021


DVD - 2008
"Terrible movie! With actors like John Travolta and Nicholas Cage I thought it would be worth watching. IT WAS NOT WORTH THE TIME TO BRING THE DVD HOME FROM THE LIBRARY!" Permalink
firefly5 made a comment Apr 21 2021
"I bought this book and I don't like her story line. It doesn't always match up with the plot. I thought I might have read other books she has written but I can't find any that I have read. I would not recommend this author." Permalink
firefly5 made a comment Apr 17 2021

Tea With the Dames

DVD - 2019
"I have seen this one before and I was not interested in watching it again. Delightful ladies, all of them." Permalink
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