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JCLHeatherM rated a title Apr 14 2021
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"Jocelyn Bell pioneered a new type of telescope, one that could hear sounds and operate during the day. While she did not receive full credit for her contributions at the time, Bell did not let that deter her from celebrating progress or listening..." Permalink
JCLHeatherM added a title to their Completed shelf Apr 14 2021
"A biography of astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who helped build a radio telescope that helped her discover pulsars, a new type of star. Some scientists consider it the greatest astronomical discovery of the twentieth century. Despite this...
JCLHeatherM created a list Apr 13 2021
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Putting the 'A' in STEAM: The Arts

"Whether you are drawing, painting, building, sculpting, designing, or performing - the arts are all around us. In our schools and in our homes, we celebrate art through creation and appreciation. The books on this all-ages list will give you lot..."
JCLHeatherM made a comment Apr 10 2021
"Not my favorite news updates from the BCN (Breaking Cat News) chronicles - too much coverage of the owl for my liking, but there were some definite bright spots, specifically new bookstore kitty Beatrix who finds a new purpose after being abandoned." Permalink
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