Talk about your spoiled kids! These girls come from different walks of life but they all wind up at a prestigious school. Then they spend their time complaining about their stepmothers and how horrible they all are. Really? They’re stepmothers may be silly or mean but they’re not absolutely cruel.

Then the book does an abrupt volte-face and we find the girls learning that their stepmothers aren’t so bad, that they’re human beings and have feelings, etc., etc. So that part of the story is abruptly dispensed with…and I understood why. The book isn’t really about the girls and their troublesome relationship with their stepparents but how the girls lean on and relate to each other. There are terrible misunderstandings between them at first as each girl misinterprets another girl’s silences, treatment or expressions. It made you yearn for them to connect and see how they had wronged one another…and that’s exactly what happens.

Friendships are formed in unexpected ways and understanding emerges from chaos. Not a bad way to end a book about spoiled adolescents.

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