Hiding in Plain Sight
Hiding in Plain Sight The Secret Life of Raymond Burr By Starr, Michael Book - 2008

Who knew, Raymond Burr was gay? But if you are looking for an in-depth look at his secret gay life you won’t find it in Michael Seth Starr’s “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr”. This book details Raymond’s public life, but barely touches his gay life. There are references to guys he brought into his life, but it never goes into what relationship he had with them. His long-time companion is mentioned, but again nothing of their personal relationship. Only their public one. You will find out a lot about Raymond, many his accomplishments and 1sts and that makes it worth reading. I do recommend it if you are interested in reading about him. I was just disappointed there was miniscule information on his gay life.

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