My Stroke of Insight
My Stroke of Insight A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey By Taylor, Jill Bolte Book - 2008

Dr. Jill Taylor, a brain scientist in her mid-thirties at the Harvard Brain Bank, underwent a stroke that rendered her non-verbal and barely able to move in the course of a single morning. Over the next eight years Dr. Taylor worked to regain all of her cognitive and physical abilities, becoming completely healed. The book is her account of undergoing the stroke and her eight-year route to being whole once more. It is an amazingly detailed account of how the brain functions: what happens in the brain during the a stroke, and the brain’s miraculous capacity for recovery. For anyone who is caring for a stroke survivor, this book provides a wealth of clear and simple information on the conditions needed for healing. It was recommended to me by someone who had undergone a (minor) stroke himself – he loved it and so did I! The audio book is read by the author herself. (submitted by TH)

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