The premise, at the beginning of the film when Mulan is a very young girl:

There have been many tales of the great warrior, Mulan. But, ancestors, this one is mine. A young shoot, all green... unaware of the blade. If you had such a daughter... her chi, the boundless energy of life itself... speaking through her every motion... could you tell her that only a son could wield chi? That a daughter would risk shame, dishonor, exile? Ancestors, I could not.

有很多關於偉大戰士木蘭的故事 但是 祖先們 這是我的故事 這就是她 一頭初生之犢 不畏虎 如果你有這樣的女兒 她的氣 無限量的生命能量 通過她每一個動作表達出來 你能告訴她說 只有兒子可以運用氣嗎? 說女兒可能會遭受羞辱、 蒙羞 或流放的風險嗎? 祖先們 我說不出口

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