The Shooters
The Shooters [a Presidential Agent Novel] By Griffin, W. E. B. Audiobook CD - 2008

One of the best novels in its class I have ever found. Dick Hill as reader adds considerably to the marvellous experience this book provides; I feel sorry for those who have read, not listened. Although this is Charley Castillo doing serious work to hamper the bad guys, there is humour in the writing and the reading which in places had me in stitches. While other reviewers have a problem with Griffin's character building at the expense of action, that's what I like, particularly the insights into Castillo's leadership style, and his inner thoughts. That the President of the USA would authorize such massive expense to free one DEA agent is unlikely, and we never do hear whether agent Timmons' forced drugging proves permanent; but these are forgivable in view of the elegant storyline which depends to some extent on accepting the former premise. Oh, and one of my favourite characters is Max the dog. I was just so sad when the story ended - I would have liked it to be twice as long.
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