Longmire The Complete Fifth Season DVD - 2017

I should've kept this to myself. No. But you opened me up, right? And all the shit started coming out of my head, and it should've just stayed there.
Sit down, Standing Bear.
-I would rather stand.
Yeah, I would, too, if I had a bullet in my ass.

I'm hurting people. That's not who I am. Or who I was.
For a lot of my people, the most frightening words they can hear are, "I'm a concerned white person, and I'm here to help."
How much did he give you?
That is generous.
- You're upset.
I am surprised.
-Yeah, well, apparently you're not the only one.
There's already been complaints. Jacob made a lot of promises to the tribe.
-How much were these tribal casino checks?
About $745,000 less than yours.
Everyone's welcome at the Chrysalis Mobile Home Villa, where caterpillars blossom into butterflies.

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