Longmire The Complete Fifth Season DVD - 2017

I've run into your kind before.
-Yeah? Where?
-So, is it a deal?
You're still breathing, aren't you?
You passed out.
-A few minutes ago, you thought that was brilliant.
A few minutes ago, I thought you were faking it.

A badge and a gun doesn't make you flawless.
Hector's a spirit, a descendant of the Dog Soldiers
Your adapter well, it was all busted. It turns out the, uh, male end and the female end weren't exactly, uh, simpatico. I guess I have intuition when it comes to stuff like that.
I found another way to score.
-You find someone else to sleep with?
I thought you and I had an arrangement.
- But you and I don't, and this is my jurisdiction.
A "WANTED" poster. Cowboy Bill. The bank robber. Can I keep that? Hot damn. Look at that cell. There better be a harmonica waiting for me in there.
It's like the Wild West out here, ain't it? My dad would love this. Pure Peckinpah.

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