Frazzled Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom By Vivat, Booki Book - 2016

Abbie Wu is a frantic worrier. From the outside she may appear quiet and solitary, but inside she is a buzz of frenetic anxiety. Even the smallest things--real or imagined--set her mind racing. And now she must face her greatest challenge ever: middle school.

Abbie's interior life perfectly captures the insecurities of many--if not all--middle schoolers. Who am I? How do I fit in? Do I fit in? Everyone thinks I'm a loser, right? Those are not the words she uses, but the the book is infused with those ideas. Abbie's narration and Vivat's illustrations capture that frazzled energy wonderfully. There's even a chance--though an ongoing series makes me wonder--that Abbie may have found a few answers and figured a few things out by the book's end.

This is a quick read that will have readers laughing with empathy.

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