Longmire The Complete Third Season DVD - 2015

Walt: Who's responsible for that? (beaten up face of Henry)
Henry: Hard to say. The Native American Brotherhood hunt in packs. But I am confident the novelty of beating up the new guy will wear off.
Angry father: Dr. Mallory said it was "an option." That's what he called it. But it really was just the latest ploy white doctors are using to wipe us out. They've done it before. In the 1880s they'd wrap newborns in disease-covered blankets. Up until the 1980s, they were sterilizing Indian women without their permission. A woman would go to the clinic for an appendectomy and leave with a hysterectomy. Now, every time an Indian girl turns up pregnant, they tell her to abort. They say it saves their future...But all it really does is
destroy our tribe's legacy.

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