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Apr 15, 2021

Disney got it right. This is a complex fairy tale that doesn't balk from obvious complications (how DO you hide in the middle of a mob of young males without stinking them out? Little item other 'heroine-disguise-as-hero' films have not thought of.) Complexity of decision-of-power (Mulan vs. Witch.) Enjoy!

Apr 10, 2021

I was so thrilled to see that Disney lost a bunch of $$$$ on this movie, therefore I urge Disney to make a sequel . . . . maybe a trilogy . . . Several trilogies!

Apr 09, 2021

Mulan meets Star Wars .

Watch the animated version instead .

Apr 06, 2021

For those who have followed epic chinese films of the last 20 years this movie is a huge disappointment. A Disney dumbed down version of a chinese classic story complete with voice overdubs of classic top Asian actors to please an American audience. Battles so poorly edited with zero blood to boot( if someone gets a spear in the gut they do bleed you know). Do yourself a favor and watch the original 2 part 5 hour chinese version of Red Cliff if you want to see how it's done right!.
There was one nice surprise. Jason Scott Lee was quite good in his role and that has been a long time coming.
For Donnie Yen fans this is one you wont put in his top 50 movies to see.
No wonder they didnt wait for a theatre release.

Mar 29, 2021

Great movie on its own, which was so unlucky to have the pandemic interrupt its opening. Spectacular production. Beautiful scenery. Some great martial arts - Didn't even recognize Jet Li. While it's hard not to compare it to the animated version, don't. This version is not a musical with the comic relief of Eddie Murphy's dragon or the lucky cricket. It is the same good story with some changes.

Mar 29, 2021

Save yourself the time and just re-watch the animated version. This is not good.

Mar 24, 2021

Loyal, brave and true, the signs of a valiant warrior! Are we meant to be warriors? You decide!

Mar 13, 2021

A very good re-telling of the animated Mulan story in live action form. A little 'kung-foo' slo-mo fighting and celestial mysticism movie. But good. I liked it. Not a musical.

Mar 11, 2021

Disney got this remake right didn't think so at first but yeah good movie 5 stars

Mar 08, 2021

This is not animated and the Ottawa library has the wrong image for this DVD (the cataloguing is always poorly done) The story is wonderfully done.

Mar 07, 2021

Truly spectacular, "Mulan" initially lays a strong character foundation, but the drama degenerates into unbelievable action, albeit stunning in execution, well worth watching. The acting is top notch, thankfully in English, because subtitles would have further distracted from the frantic action. Lead actress Liu Yifei is a multitalented wonder, acting with a humble and quiet strength while embodying the universal power of women. In the special features, listen to her sing!

Mar 02, 2021

This film was ok. The use of English was a mistake in my opinion as the actors did not seem comfortable using it. It would have been better if they had spoken in Chinese with English subtitles.

DBRL_ChrissJ Feb 05, 2021

I haven't liked Disney's recent remakes so didn't have high hopes for Mulan, but it ended up being the best by far. I loved how the plot doesn't revolve around a love interest and she learns not to hold back her talents. The special effects are phenomenal. Another commenter remarked on how the movie felt similar to a superhero movie, and I agree. Mulan would win in a match up against Iron Man. She doesn't need a fancy suit to perform aerial acrobatics.

Feb 03, 2021

I have never seen the cartoon version. This was a great find it shows the power and strength of women. Overall a good movie.

Feb 02, 2021

This is a very good movie. The mistake people made was comparing this version with the cartoon or the original version.

Feb 01, 2021

If this movie was called something else, it would have been better. The main actress is very good but the way they changed the story pales in comparison to the original IMO.

Jan 25, 2021

this version of mulan exceeded my expectations. beautiful costuming and scenery. enjoyed seeing jet li, gong li, and donnie yen. nice wire work and a scaffolding fight scene. the animated version is more kid friendly, but this was more appealing to my adult self.

Jan 24, 2021

Nice woman empowerment period piece in ancient China. Liked the movie but Mulan became less woman and more superhero as things moved along. Mulan had good "chi" which meant she had highly improved energy and health. In the movie I guess "chi" also meant she has gained some superpower like Supergirl as Mulan climbed, fought, and ran
far above the physical abilities of mortal men.

Jan 23, 2021

I wish they had made the movie closer to the cartoon. It needed Mushu and some laughs. Not worth it. Watch the original Mulan cartoon movie.

JCLHeatherM Jan 11, 2021

Colorful and full of action, the snippets of music from the original film made me nostalgic for the 1998 film. The beginning and ending (seeing Mulan with her family) were my favorite parts of the film and while there is great promise in telling Mulan's story of being true to herself and finding her 'chi' the movie doesn't deliver, spending too much time on action scenes.

Jan 11, 2021

A very good film The cast was excellent. The story is timeless. Bloody war scenes, lots of violence. Still, good!

Jan 02, 2021

This was a good fictional film worthy of all the stars available. However, a relationship is not effortless until its understood why together is difficult in different locations.

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Dec 27, 2020

They made Mulan into a boring super hero movie. There is no character development, no real drama, and worst of all no joy. This was probably the worst yet of all the remakes.

ArapahoeSarah Dec 13, 2020

I appreciate the new perspective in this version of Mulan, but it is missing many important elements that made the animated version so captivating and endearing.

I was so looking forward to watching this movie of Mulan in theahers but the covid 19 happened and well you guys all know it was canceld it was not going to be in theathers anymore too bad but those who went to theathers for the other movies that were in before the pandme came there use to be a Mulan big carborad of her with her name and i did a picture of it well my brother did it for me when i saw standing by it so it is never gonna be in theahers anymore well thought they will bring irt back buut no only on Disney plus i don't have it but i have a simalor a to dsiney plaus its not netflix its something diffrent and i had a barbie doll of her but she wears a green dress witch she has in the cartoon i have barrowed the old one on dvd from you collectionyou had in 2009 and the 2 movie collection of it i really like the origial movie i hope this one will be good so i just had to put a hold on this movie i like how it starts with green grass and a big castle i would had love to see it like that in theathers in 3D when i saw a girl running is that her maybe my brother said it looks like her i said then a guy called her name yeah it is i said when her little sister asked Mulan i thought it waas her own mom combing her hair but last minete i see its mulan it is time to grow up got a mulan my busy book i forgot about the title i thought there won't be this part of me of Aladdin but they live action witch is we seen in theathers not this movie evan the palace remines me of Aladdin then we had to stop the movie to watch American Idol i think the part the lady bird spun arownd was in a camercal for theathers my brother said lady bird just remineded me of paw patrol lady bird who steals shnny things and she says if it shines its mine made me laugh always my brother remeberd running up the walk the man from the camercal and in theathers we saw a camercal in theathers and i brought a Mulan barbie doll to make a picture of it and made a picture of the stand well my brother did a picture of me ther hats are funny looking now looking at the chine temple remines me of Sagwa the chianes simse car witch i watched on t.v.o kids in 2005 and i seen Crazey Rich Asians in theathers to too i thought it was a man but its a lady with her flying away it was in a camercal it surprised me she turned into a bird my brothe said it was in a camercal i don't remeber aw theres bunnies thats why she was looking down and smiling where shes riding a horse before we see the bunnies that was in a camercal i heard blank window not black wind in the camercal was the part the mom is saying we have excellent news the matchmaker has found you an auspicious match then she looked surprised it is decided it is what is best for our family yes he said i will bring honor to us all it surpried me all the makeup apriet fast like magic the part with putting on makeup on Mulan some makeup they had in a camercal remines me of one of them spoke chines i don't care his mother said but shes chiesher son isen't its from Mary - kate and Ashley New York minete i have it on vhs its funny mom said she can't eat chines i'll ruin her makeup in the camercal was a lady said quiet and we heard only composed grace fulelegant these are the qualities we see in a good wife these are the qualities we see in mulan when my brothe said is something wrong it remines me of many adventures of winnie the pooh the screaming remines me of a difrent movie in the cartoon she came out with her butt being on fire in the cartoon mulan my friend Cathrine laughed at school i did too when we watched the cartoon i brought it to school on vhs i think the cartoon is better too but i still like this movie i brought it in gr 11 the movie i got this movie on hold

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