The Thousandth Floor

The Thousandth Floor

Book - 2016
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Apr 23, 2018

I love stories that weave back and forth between different points of view. Keeps you guessing as to who the first chapter is about. I liked the futuristic technology. Quite a bit of it seemed very realistic. This is a gossipy, drama-filled read, no thinking involved.

Apr 09, 2018

Gossip Girl meets the Jetsons, plus incest. I was hoping the whole teenage romance between a brother and a sister would peter out early, especially with so many male characters more likable than the aloof Atlas, but the storyline really doubles down on the incest. Still, I pushed through to the end just to solve the first chapter's Who Fell mystery, only to discover the ending is a cliff hanger and there's a sequel. There are definitely some cool futuristic concepts in the book, but I just can't push past the inbred love story at the center of all the drama, so I'm going to give Dazzling Heights a pass.

Feb 14, 2018

a very good book. i would recommend this to teens its a good dystopian yet coming of age and mystery book all wrapped into one

Dec 09, 2017

This book is great!!! If u liked it, go read dazzeling heights (part two)

Dec 07, 2017

This was probably one of the greatest books ever written. The characters' perspectives are woven together to create a beautiful story of glamor, lies, and treachery.

Nov 17, 2017

I loved this book! The way that each chapter was separated into a different persons perspective made it really enjoyable and easy to tell who we were focusing on in that moment, which was something I was worried about when you get this many perspectives in a book. I liked all of the different characters as well and understood why they were doing what they were. Sure they were questionable at times, but getting to see whats going on in everyone head made this book fly by. If I had to compare it to any other type of books already out, I would have to say its gossip with the way most of the characters act/live and then proxy by Alex London with how the lower class system was set up kind of. There were similarities but nothing that looked like a copy to me. Also I would recommend writing the characters name and a specific something about them to help keep it all straight especially if you are reading more than one book at a time. As for who fell of the roof, well that's just something you'll have to read to find out.

Oct 12, 2017

It wasn't what I expected. There were times when the pacing seemed to be a little off. Still a thrilling read.

Aug 02, 2017

Katherine McGee is a phenomenal author. There was a little confusion about who was who at first. She created a book that touched a lot of hearts because of the many types of people that were mentioned like the girl with perfection on the outside but crumbling inside. She also hit a note with readers who like dystopian novels and reads, because who knows; maybe this will happen some day.

Was confusing because of the frequent switching of the point of views. Interesting concept, but had a boring plot.

ELPLTeenLibrarian Jun 30, 2017

A suspenseful ride in near-future world supersaturated with technology, both environmental and implanted, this story's engine is fueled by the sort of interpersonal intrigue that may attract fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars who don't necessarily consider themselves SF readers.

GCPL_Teen Jun 23, 2017

If you do not like it at first, try to stick to it! Each POV-style chapter reveals more about the characters. Though the group seems vapid and party-oriented at first, deeper issues like economic disparity, drug addiction, and difficult interpersonal relationships are later uncovered.

Mar 18, 2017

This book had very nice writing but a boring storyline.

Mar 17, 2017

The Thousandth Floor takes place in Manhattan one hundred years in the future- the entire city is a towering thousand-floor skyscraper. The higher the floor the wealthier the resident, leading to a new form of social class. The story follows the lives of five teenagers, each with a secret to hide. I found the idea of a tower to symbolize status a creative way to showcase the novel’s setting. Quite literally, a character’s status can be gleaned from a simple number. However, it became clear a few chapters in that the entire story was just a teen drama disguised as a futuristic sci-fi thriller. Some may enjoy seeing the same old story in new clothing, as it adds new layers to a story traditionally set in a high school. However, I’m not usually a fan of teen dramas and felt myself somewhat cheated. I also had trouble with identifying with the characters. Not one of them was likable or compelling, which made it hard to care what happens to them. As a result, I have no interest in reading the sequel. That is not to say that no one should read The Thousandth Floor. On the contrary, I know many people who have read the book and loved it. What I mean to say is that this novel is for a certain type of reader- the type of reader who loves high school dramas, battles over love, status and secrets. This is a novel meant for fans of Riverdale, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Unfortunately, not being a fan of this genre, I disliked the book heartily. But just because I don’t understand this novel, does not mean that it’s necessarily awful, just that if you’re not a very specific type of reader it’s probably not for you. 1.5/5 Stars. @viedelabibliothèque of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Think Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl, but a hundred years in the future, and on a gigantic, thousand-floor building. What would you get? The Thousandth Floor, of course. It is Manhattan, in the year 2118. A massive 1000-floor skyscraper has been built, in a style akin to a social pyramid: the richest and most famous people live at the top in gorgeous, luxurious apartments, while the poor live in desolate conditions on the bottom. Rich in drama and action, The Thousandth Floor follows the lives of 5 broken teenagers, each on 5 different floors, with their own dark secrets and pasts. Leda Cole hides a dangerous drug addiction. Watt Bakardi is a tech genius on a treacherous mission. Rylin Myers is a low-status girl suddenly swept into the world of the elite. Eris Dodd-Ranson’s previous life crumbles in seconds, after a painful betrayal. And living above them all, on the thousandth floor, is Avery Fuller, who is haunted by a romance she can never have. Filled with deception, drama and blackmail, The Thousandth Floor is a wonderfully written peek at the not-so-perfect lives of the dystopian elite. Do yourself a favour, and get a copy. Right now.
- @Apis of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

I was really not expecting what would happen at all when I first picked up the book. Just a warning for teens: mature audience only! There was a lot of content that I believe wouldn't be sensible for readers below the age of 16, at the very least. Such include the subjects of drug abuse, alcohol, sex, stalking, and a lot of bad decisions made through fear and secrets. It might take some time to organize who is who, as the perspective shifts between 5 people, but readers will start forming relations with the characters. Sometimes they are relatable, and other times not so much. But each and every one of them are unique to themselves, and the ending will leave everyone shocked for sure. My heart still aches from that fall. 4/5 stars
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Mar 05, 2017

OH my god this book is amazing. You will not expect then ending at ALL and the characters are interesting and the plot is to die for. This book WILL keep you hooked. Literally you finish this book and you're like WOWOWOWOWOW.

ArapahoeStaff1 Nov 21, 2016

Modern tragedy in a futuristic world, this book will leave you breathless. My stomach was in knots most of this story, as I waited impatiently for the heroes of the story to succeed and the creeps of the story to be found out--but I didn't always get what I wanted, which makes the story even better and more true to life. While this book is difficult to read because it's so emotional, it's definitely worth the time to meet all of these fantastic characters!

Oct 16, 2016

Good read, a page turner. Cannot wait for more!

Oct 12, 2016

I loved this book! It's a 22nd century version of gossip girl! I can't wait for the second in the series!

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